Katharina Kraus is a fine jewellery designer, maker and curator from Munich, Germany. Her gemstone centred aesthetic focuses on colourful custom-cut gemstones, from hand-carved grey agate with a deep golden shimmer, to iridescent blue labradorite and rainbow-like moonstone.


"In my practice I am very interested in creating subtle colour combinations and, of course, how the gemstones reflect the light. I work with shapes like squares, circles, and kite and combine them to form balance in colour and proportion."

  - Katharina Kraus, Jewellery Designer & Maker


Fine jewellery inspired by the many colours of the sky and its ability to transport you through time and place. Exploring shifting qualities of natural light, from deep midnight blue to the vibrant pink and yellow of the early morning sunrise, the elusive colours of the twilight are captured in shimmering stones such as labradorite and moonstone.

With over fifteen years of experience in jewellery making Katharina offers a bespoke service, which allows you to customise pieces from her collections or create an entirely new design.