Katharinas graduate collection VERTEX uses natural light reflection in custom-cut gemstones and visually references the angled lines found in the architecture of cityscapes and deep carved lines in stone and concrete. Translucent Agate and transparent Quartz are combined with a wide array of transparent coloured stones. The soft light reflections within the hand carved stones contrast with the precise visual geometries of the regular cut gems. Altitude and elevation are central aspects in the pieces, each gemstone being either angled to or away from the body and the wearers gaze. Visual effects transpire that flicker and change when the pieces are worn. Each piece explores the relationship between idea, design, maker and material, using hand-craft traditional techniques and tools. Katharina believes in a fundamental connection between an object and the process of how it was made. In hand making, maker and material, idea and its realisation are more closely linked and counter a sense of disconnection from the tangible experience in modern times. Jewellery becomes more relatable, when origin and production are comprehensible. Katharina creates tangible and modern heirlooms.